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StarFisher is a feature-rich astrology program for Microsoft Windows.

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StarFisher Description

StarFisher is a feature-rich astrology program for Microsoft Windows provided free of charge, including the source files. For Details, please see the features section and have a look at the screen-shots.

Position calculation features:
Positions of Sun through Pluto and Moon
Positions of house cusps and the main axes (ASC, DSC, MC, IC)
Positions of lunar nodes, Part of Fortune, Part of Spirit, Vertex, and East Point
Positions of main asteroids
Positions of Lilith
Positions of the eight Uranian planets and Selene.
Positions of over 60 fixed stars (Acrux, Agena, Achernar, Almaak, Albireo, Alcyone, Aldebaran, Algenib, Algol, Algorab, Alhena, Alnilam, Alphard, Alphecca, Altair, Andromeda, Antares, Arcturus, AsellusAustralis, AsellusBorealis, BatenKaitos, Bellatrix, Betelgeuse, Canopus, Capella, Castor, Dabih, Deneb, DenebAlgedi, DenebKaitos, Denebola, Elnath, Fomalhaut, Giedi, Hamal, Hyadum, KausAustralis, KausBorealis, Lesath, Markeb, Menkar, Mintaka, Mirach, Polaris, Pollux, Praesepe, Procyon, Propus, Rasalhague, Rastaban, Regulus, Rigel, Sadalmelek, Sheratan, Scheat, Sinistra, Sirrah, Sirius, Spica, Toliman, Unukalhai, Vega, Vindemiatrix, Zosma).
possibility to define more planets, asteroids, starts, parts or logical points

Computation features:
Fourteen house systems.
Tropical geocentric zodiac.
Sidereal geocentric zodiac (21 systems).
Twenty five predefined aspects
Both planetary and aspectary based aspects with advanced orb definition
Applying and separating aspects
Waxing and waning aspects
Transits and directions
Secondary progressions
Times of exact aspects formed by transiting or directed planets.
Times of planets changing sign or house.
Transit effect boundaries
Dynamic transits and directions (predictions)
Horoscope types:
Derived (transits or directions)
Comparison (bi-wheel standard/standard)
Comparison (bi-wheel standard/derived)
Display formats:
Generic position listing

StarFisher Screenshots

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What's New in StarFisher 0.8.2

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StarFisher Requirements

Operating Systems:

Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, NT

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

Quick Specifications

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